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As a football website, having the right data is essential. Whether it are the latest match results, powerful stats insights or seamless livescore updates from the latest football matches, It is essential to have accurate data updates. 

In an industry as sensitive as sports, it is essential to get the timing right. You want to ensure that your data source is faster than others. There is no point in publishing news that has already broken out all across the world.

Especially in a sport such a football, it is important to have consistent updates regarding all the latest happenings. As the biggest sport in the world, football has a trove of millions of fans anticipating all the latest updates about every aspect of the match. Having the wrong data source can potentially mean delayed updates and disgruntled fans, which can one of the worst aspects of fans as loyal as football fans.

Explore the true potential of the most powerful football API

Get across-the-board data feeds to stay on top of all of the updates in the football world. 

No More Complex API Integrations To Receive Data Updates
 Explore The True Potential of The Best Football Data API  

One of the toughest aspects of managing a sports platform is integrating the data sources. It can be extremely tough to figure out the technological synchronization between the different data sources. 

A lot of times, botched integration leads to slow and unreliable updates and errors. Despite these major hangtimes, these different API options can be extremely costly as well. 

The Best-Footballdata-API allows you to explore truly flexible and easy API integration with guaranteed data reliability. With the API customizability, you can get the data in JSON format just like you need, out of an enormous Data Lake of world wide football results, statistics, events and many more features. The API is perfect for use to build your websites and apps just like you want based on reliable data. 

And the best part?

The Best-Footballdata-API  allows you to explore the API at a fraction of the cost of the big well-known competitors in the market.

No more settling for botched API’s that provide slow, non-flexible data feeds. Gain a competitive edge in the market with top-of-the-line updates and rapid data delivery to keep your users updated with all the latest happenings in the world of football.
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"What can i say, these guys are the best in the game. I have tried several Soccer API but none came near the robustness of SportMonks data API.  Keep up the good work."

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"Having tried other providers previously, one thing that became painfully obvious very quickly, is that speed matters!   Thankfully, this is one area we no longer have to focus on, as these guy’s APIs are fast!" 

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"At Goalfury we launched the app with the major data provider on the market. Unhappy with that partnership we changed to Sportmonks and been loving it since. The data is rich and fast, support is unparalleled and prices just right. We couldn't be happier."

Thor - CEO at GoalFury

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One of the best aspects of football is how truly global it is. With branches across the world, football has delved into thousands of global leagues. All of these leagues have avid followers and fans waiting for every single update about these leagues.

Consequently with this following, there is huge industry attached to betting and gambling on these leagues. Due to this massive following, there is a demand for consistent updates about each of these leagues.

Football fans are also some of the most loyal fans in the world of sports. Constant awaiting updates, these fans await passionately for updates about their team and vigorously follow every aspect of the game. From updates about the injury status of their favorite sports stars to match insights and livescore updates. It is crucial to the sport that consistent updates are conveyed about the match.

The Best-Footballdata-API allows you to have access to the largest variety of data feeds from across the world. With over 900+ leagues in the stable, we allow you to get rapid feeds from the most followed soccer matches and updates across the world. You no longer have to rely on an array of different sources in order to comprehensively convey updates to your fans.

The Best-Footballdata-API offers a consolidated data source where you can offer all the latest updates regarding your desired leagues at affordable prices.

Explore the complete range of leagues across the world to share updates with your fans.

The Best-Footballdata-API, Your one-stop source for football updates across the world. 

Present The Complete Picture With The Best-Footballdata-API

Discover Endless Statistical Insights, Historical Results, Events, (In-play) Stats, Squads, Lineups,

Odds, Predictions and many more Football features.

One of the biggest aspects of being a sports fan is the ability to evaluate your favorite Teams, Players and Leagues with detailed statistical insights. Whether it is a debate on Ronaldo vs Messi or the best team in the Premier League, football fans across the world now want detailed insights about their favorite Teams and Players.

From the way the action moves across the football field to the performance of star players, Best-FootballData- API allows you to have seamless access to detailed statistics data that allows your fans to continue engaging debate about your favorite players.

Stop relying on data feeds that provide you with basic data, get detailed insight into advanced analytics by using Best-Footballdata-API. We offer a detailed breakdown of statistical happenings across the league to ensure that you always have up to date step by step insights into the most happening events across football.

You can simply Check Out Our Pricing and evaluate the details that suit your requirements.

By making a decision to opt for The Best-Footballdata-API, you will be able to have the following matches benefits.

Reliable Data with detailed breakdown of Results, Schedules, Statisctics and Events to make sure that your fans are up to date all the time. Easy API Integration ensures you can seamless integrate the API into your platform regardless of the technology you use.  

Fair Pricing allows you to get access to complex data variables at a fraction of the cost. 

Reliable Data
Detailed breakdown of Results, Schedules, Stats and Events to make sure that your fans are up to date all the time.

Easy API Integration

You can seamless integrate the API into your platform regardless of the technology you use

Fair Pricing 
You get access to complex data variables at a fraction of the cost of Major Big Media Competitors. 

Stop compromising on the most important variable for you and your website,  get detailed football data and insight to date your business to the next level.

I would never build my Soccer mobile apps without the help from the team. 

Alvin Konda - KondaSoft


Good to know

How can I get started?

Great you’re interested in our product! You can get started by subscribing to one of our plans. Each plan contains a 14 day trial so you can test our data. After your subscription you will need to create an api_token. You can create this via the settings page. This token is vital for you to make requests. After this, you can start making request!

How many API calls do I get?

You have 2000 calls per hour per endpoint by default. This means you can “call” each endpoint 2000 times per hour. It’s possible to increase this. Just email our Sales Team and let us know what you want.

How do we collect our data?

At SportMonks and all data is managed in the SportMonks Scout Application Platform (SSAP). We have dedicated teams all over the world managing and validating the data collected by this platform. We work together with high class data partners to make sure your Football data is reliable and always up to date.